B-FoST 2018 Congress Topics

  1. Microbiological and Chemical Aspects of Food Safety
  2. Nutrition, health and food technology
  3. Nutrition and Functional Foods
  4. Food Adulteration
  5. Hygienic Engineering and Design
  6. Food Contamination and Chemical Toxicology
  7. Food Safety Operation in Food Processing, Handling and Distribution
  8. Food Safety Laws and Regulations
  9. Food Safety in Retail Foods
  10. Food Nanotechnology
  11. Food Preservation and Food Packaging
  12. Food Preservation and Food Storage
  13. Regulatory Control of Food Composition, Quality and Safety
  14. Traditional and Ethics Food
  15. Food testing and Quality Control
  16. Microbial Aspects of Food Quality and Spoilage
  17. Food Refrigeration and Cold Chain
  18. Functional Foods and Bio-active Food Supplements
  19. Eco-biotechnologies and Minimal Processing in Food Industry
  20. Emerging Pathogens;
  21. Food science and business
  22. Novel Food Engineering Technologies
  23. Cleaning and Disinfection in Food Factory
  24. Advanced Food Packaging Techniques
  25. Innovation and Knowledge Transfer