Dr. Alexander Kolesnov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) Alexander Kolesnov graduated 1983 in Technology of fermentation and beverage industry from Humboldt University in Berlin (Germany). After receiving the PhD degree in biochemistry in 1987 he works at the Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP). After his doctorate in 2001 in biotechnology, standardization and quality management of foodstuffs on the topic - Systems for evaluation of quality and authentication of raw materials, fermentation products and non-alcoholic beverages as doctor of technical sciences he became head of the Research Laboratory at the MGUPP-University. The main areas of his professional activity include scientific and technical research in the field of technologies, quality and safety of foodstuffs, including wine, beer, spirits and other beverages, the development of methods for analysis of quality and safety, standardization, development and expertise of draft of national and international regulations, standards, normative documents and other legislative acts in the sphere of food production and trade. As an expert of Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) of the Russian Federation he participates in national, interstate and international standardization as well as in international cooperation programs. He is a member of several scientific and expert bodies of the Russian Federation - the National Committee of the Russian Federation for cooperation with the International Organization of Vine & Wine (OIV). Currently he is the head of the Research Laboratory of Food Quality & Technology at the RUDN-University.