Nadiya Boyko

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Uzhhorod National University, Director of the R&D Centre of Molecular Microbiology and Mucosal Immunology; Vice-President and CSO of CLS in Slovakia Research: personalised nutrition, pharmabiotics, human microbiome, noncommunicable diseases; food safety, knowledge transfer Co-establisher of Ukrainian and Slovak Technology Platforms “Agro-Food”; experienced stakeholder manager with links to industry, academia and researchers in Europe

Research Director of “Ediens LLC”, established in 2017,

Projects: BaSeFood, JSO-ERA, ODiN (FP7), CAPINFOOD (CEE), FoodWARD (Erasmus+), BacFoodNet (COST), SKIN (Horizon 2020)
Member: SMI, SOMED, ASA, SMU; Editor of SOMED, Microbial Journal and European Journal of Nutrition.
Contacts: +380506276445, Narodna St., 1, Uzhhorod, 88000, Ukraine